Bourbon chocolate cocktail 

Chocolate and bourbon are a great combination! The vanilla and oaky tannins from the bourbon are an excellent anchor for the chocolate.

Mix Bourbon, Disaronno, Expresso and Kahlua. 

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With a dessert

Add Beldoux to your dessert or enjoy it along side your dessert

Add Beldoux to your favourite ice cream

Beldoux Triple Sec Chocolate 

Combine 2 shots of Beldoux with 1 part Triple Sec liqueur over ice and shake well. Serve in a chilled martini glass with a twist of orange peel.

Garnish with shaved chocolate or a raspberry

Add a generous shot of Beldoux to your favourite coffee and top it off with whipped cream and chocolate shavings

Beldoux Chocolatini

Pour Beldoux over ice cubes in a martini glass

Café Beldoux 

Add 1 shot of Beldoux to 3 shots of fresh hot coffee. Top with whipped cream and shaved chocolate. Alternatively, use iced coffee.

Beldoux Chocolate Martini

Combine 2 shots of Beldoux and 1 shot of vodka over ice. Shake with ice and fine strain into a martini glass rimmed with shaved chocolate.

Beldoux is a superior Chocolate cream liqueur handmade with Belgian finesse and quality. Because of its high quality, it has an amazing range of cocktail possibilities. All ingredients are natural and we do not use any infusions or aromas. Only real Belgian chocolate and natural dairy cream. 

Indulge yourself.

Beldoux Chocolate Cream Liqueur

Coffee Chocolate cocktail

Pour a shot of Beldoux in your favourite coffee to add a rich chocolate flavour